Angličtina 2.C, 2.D

8. 11.

Procvičujeme:  I can see…, I can’t see…

Nové učivo: slovesa walk, jump, swim, fly,


Walk, walk, I can walk….like a dog.

Jump, jump, I can jump… like a frog.

Swim, swim, I can swim…like a fish.

Fly, fly, I can fly … like a bird.

Domácí úkol: Pracovní list – obtáhnout a opsat věty, spojit se správnými obrázky

5th grade: Postcards

The fifth graders created some outstanding postcards to illustrate the differences in mailing/addressing postcards to America vs Czech Republic vs England. Quite a creative group!

Postcards were addressed to anyone from family members to Miley Cyrus, President Obama or Lisa Simpson :) Excellent job, 5th grade!

2nd grade: Homework due this week

Hello parents,

This week students are practicing the spelling for the animal words in Unit 2 (ie. tiger, lion, monkey, zebra, snake, etc). They’ve also learned a song where they sing:
„Can you snap like a crocodile? (Snap snap snap!)
Can you hiss like a snake? ( Sss Sss Sss!)
Can you roar like a lion?     (Roar Roar Roar!)“
Please practice this with them.

For homework, they must complete p.7 in their Activity book – write the correct word and match it by number to the corresponding picture.

Thank you!
Miss Kelly

1st grade: Homework due this week

Hello parents,

This week students are practicing target language „What’s this?“ … „It’s a (pencil)“ for classroom objects. They should be able to ask you „What’s this?“ or reply „It’s a pencil“ (or book, ruler, pen, pencil case, rubber). Please practice this with them.

I’ve also given them a worksheet for homework that should help them practice writing numbers. They write the missing number and then color the mice/numbers. For extra practice, they may write the word for the number under the picture (ie „one,“ „two,“ „three,“ etc).

Thank you!

Miss Kelly

Halloween Recap

The week before last, my classes learned about Halloween in America and some common traditions, costumes and characters they may see then.

We played musical chairs to Monster Mash with Halloween vocab words / pictures under the chairs, and some of the students dressed up in costumes and brought candy for the class. Overall, it was fun :) Here are some photos.